Quote of the Day…




Mark Ryden


Mark Ryden is one of my favorite illustrator – I absolutely love his quirky subject matter and paint technique. HisTree Show book is definitely a keeper.

Our Lounge


Some random pics of our lounge!


Nooka Rebranding


Watchmaker Nooka undertook a re-branding campaign on establishing a new personality for their products. I absolutely love the logo with the two “o” touching each other to create an infinity sign – might sound cliche but  think it suits their brand very well! The brand identity and packaging are bold and simple which does not create any distraction to the product itself! – Now I really want that watch!


ABC of Branding


What a clever poster from Orlando-based designer Jason Dean. Logos are foil stamped and embossed and amazing how he managed to keep all alphabets to fit in 5x 5 grid without them looking different in size. I waaant one!

Found here.


Boris Ice Tea branding


Not a fan of Ice Tea but if it comes in packaging like those.. I am sold!

Found here


Famous Robots


Wow.. how cool is this poster featuring famous robots from film, television and comics.

Before clicking here – see how many you can remember!


Community Toy Hacking


This awesome project from Exploring Senses got me a few ideas on how to get more life out of Axel’s old toys. Young toy fans are given a bunch of old toys to hack and match as they please equipped with real tools and adult supervision of course! Can’t wait to get busy – some of those old noisy robots are first on my list!


Hanging Bulb


I am currently sourcing hanging lights for Axel’s new room and absolutely in love with hanging bulbs. It ties in very much with the industrial look and adds in a fun and simple element to a kid’s room.


Kingsway Energy


I find the Kingsway Energy Corporate Identity design to be very inspiring. I love the thought process from using simple/iconic symbols and ending up with an intricate mark but yet very easy to identify. The logo is a simple graphical representation of both the sun and temperature dials found on the brand’s heating system. Designed by the team from Salad Creative – clever hey?