Arcadia Branding


I love the concept and thought process behind the Arcadia brand. Designed by Moving Brands I believe there is something we can learn from them.

“Through our unique approach to brand strategy, brand identity and brand experience we create powerful new ways for brands to connect with people, and people to connect with brands. Our aim is to redefine branding by setting new standards of creativity for a moving world”.



I absolutely love the Australian skincare brand Aesop and seeing their new shop design by Japanese studio Torafu Architects just put that brand onto another level for me.

Within both retail outlets OSB (oriented strand board) has been utilized as the primary construction material, stained and treated differently to suit their selected site. The front of each compact store features a point of sale counter along with a tester bar arranged in such a way that they allow for easy customer flow as well as comfortable client consultations. All products are displayed along the back and side walls of both spaces.

Today J’adore


These USB Flashdrives are absolutely cute! All suitable for Macs and Windows PCs and have a storage capacity of 4 GB and excellent read/write speeds when you’re transferring data. Each unit includes some free stuff for kids, such as a 1024×768 wallpaper graphic, info on the character, and a virtual slider puzzle game. Also available is range of stationery and homewares from Minky.


Lego Anatomy


Ever wondered what is inside your Lego man?…

Very interesting anatomy sculpture and design found here.


Game Farm Weekend


We spent this weekend away at a game farm. Despite the bad weather and cold winds, the kids had such a marvelous time with a few rhino sightings and a close encounter with the warthogs!


Cranford Country Lodge


We had an awesome weekend away at Cranford Country Lodge in the Midlands. I am so proud having managed to brace the cold!


How do Colours affect Purchases


If you are a designer in the retail industry then this very clever design graph and stats are for you. I love how all the information are put together in such a friendly and usable manner.

Found here: Artisan Complete


The Queen’s Palette


How funny…

Pantone and Leo Burnett London have charted 6 decades of the Queen’s style and launched a limited edition Diamond Jubilee Color Wheel.

Found here: Artisan Complete


Today J’adore….


While we are on the birthday subject – this Nomskulls Cupcake Mould from Fred is just right up my alley and would love to get my hands on it!


Happy happy …


It’s my husband’s 40th today …happy happy Brendy!