Best Friends!


So cute watching Axel and his best friend Ryan play together!


Macaroni Cheese


I made this easy and delicious Macaroni Cheese and Cauliflower dish from my Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals book a few weekends ago. As you can see I managed to obtain my BIG stamp of approval from my little food critic!

Here is how to make it!

Makaranga Gardens


Makaranga Gardens is such a beautiful place to go to especially for kids. I was not too impressed with the service but the food was absolutely delicious.


Edwin Juicer


I find this juicer made of natural and sustainable materials to be very cute and retro! Edwin is his name and I love the basic geometric shapes that makes up the entire product!


PooPoo Strategy


This made me laugh this morning!

Mind Design take a satirical look at the increasing importance of ‘strategy’. This is what I would call brainstorming at its best!


Waldo Trommler – Paint Brand Identity


I love this very fun, colourful and quirky graphic behind this brand identity for Waldo Trommler paints designed by Reynolds and Reyner. The brand and marketing strategy behind the brief was to enter a specific market and make the brand stand out from others. What a brilliant use of color combination and font!

Found via: DesignBoom