Spring is here!


Looking forward to adding some fresh flowers inside the house this spring. This Evasolo self watering orchid pot is just what a I need!


Birthday Cake


One of my work colleague’s wife always gets assigned to make Axel’s birthday cake every year. She is very creative and talented and bakes the most delicious cake with marshmallow icing.

Wooden Bulb


Busy sourcing lights for our studio bathroom at the moment and bumped into these hanging Wooden Bulb from SUCK UK. I have always been a big fan of laser cut wood left in its raw stage – what a beautiful piece if art!


Carrot Cake

So I got a Kitchen Aid for my birthday this year and a whole lot of other baking tools fit for real masterchef from friends. Great to see the very high expectations my friends have set onĀ  my very amateurish baking skills….Decided to make this carrot cake as my first attempt….let’s say it looks lot better than what it taste!


Axel Birthday Party


We had Axel’s Birthday Picnic at Makaranga this year and spent it with close friends. The temperature on the day was around 35deg and was the perfect setting for a Lorax event.


Spring Day Hat Making


Axel has a Spring Day Hat Parade at school on Friday and had so much fun making it last night out of cardboard which we spray painted and coloured felts!


Today J’adore….


Italian Brand Seletti’s interpretation of our childhood memorabilia objects turned into gold.


Birthday Invites


I always go all out and have loads of fun designing Axel’s birthday invites every year. These are what I have come up with in the past 5 years!


5 Years Old


Can’t believe my boy turned 5 years old on Tuesday! Happy Birthday my baby!

This photo was taken when he was just 3 weeks old – loved those fat cheeks and the very long fixed stare he used to do!


Retro Modern Interiors


I am a big fan of Scandinavian Retro style – I love the colors and danish furniture used in this space.

Found here.