Mark Ryden


Mark Ryden is one of my favorite illustrator – I absolutely love his quirky subject matter and paint technique. HisTree Show book is definitely a keeper.


Nooka Rebranding


Watchmaker Nooka undertook a re-branding campaign on establishing a new personality for their products. I absolutely love the logo with the two “o” touching each other to create an infinity sign – might sound cliche but  think it suits their brand very well! The brand identity and packaging are bold and simple which does not create any distraction to the product itself! – Now I really want that watch!

ABC of Branding


What a clever poster from Orlando-based designer Jason Dean. Logos are foil stamped and embossed and amazing how he managed to keep all alphabets to fit in 5x 5 grid without them looking different in size. I waaant one!

Found here.


Boris Ice Tea branding


Not a fan of Ice Tea but if it comes in packaging like those.. I am sold!

Found here


Famous Robots


Wow.. how cool is this poster featuring famous robots from film, television and comics.

Before clicking here – see how many you can remember!


Birthday Invites


I always go all out and have loads of fun designing Axel’s birthday invites every year. These are what I have come up with in the past 5 years!


PooPoo Strategy


This made me laugh this morning!

Mind Design take a satirical look at the increasing importance of ‘strategy’. This is what I would call brainstorming at its best!


Waldo Trommler – Paint Brand Identity


I love this very fun, colourful and quirky graphic behind this brand identity for Waldo Trommler paints designed by Reynolds and Reyner. The brand and marketing strategy behind the brief was to enter a specific market and make the brand stand out from others. What a brilliant use of color combination and font!

Found via: DesignBoom


Arcadia Branding


I love the concept and thought process behind the Arcadia brand. Designed by Moving Brands I believe there is something we can learn from them.

“Through our unique approach to brand strategy, brand identity and brand experience we create powerful new ways for brands to connect with people, and people to connect with brands. Our aim is to redefine branding by setting new standards of creativity for a moving world”.

How do Colours affect Purchases


If you are a designer in the retail industry then this very clever design graph and stats are for you. I love how all the information are put together in such a friendly and usable manner.

Found here: Artisan Complete