Hanging Bulb


I am currently sourcing hanging lights for Axel’s new room and absolutely in love with hanging bulbs. It ties in very much with the industrial look and adds in a fun and simple element to a kid’s room.


Spring Day Hat Making


Axel has a Spring Day Hat Parade at school on Friday and had so much fun making it last night out of cardboard which we spray painted and coloured felts!

Birthday Invites


I always go all out and have loads of fun designing Axel’s birthday invites every year. These are what I have come up with in the past 5 years!


Peekaboo Playhouse


Heather Moore from Skinny Laminx is one of my favourite SA designers. I love her minimalistic design style inspired by Scandinavian shapes, patterns and colours. I had the opportunity to meet her last year when we were in Cape Town and met her again last Friday night at Mooki noodles – what a lovely lady!

I absolutely love the beautiful illustrations on the new Peekaboo Playhouse designed by Heather Moore. Made from recycled cardboard, I think this is the perfect idea for the rainy days and winter season coming! Me thinks this would be a perfect gift for Axel!

Found here: House and Leisure