Hanging Bulb


I am currently sourcing hanging lights for Axel’s new room and absolutely in love with hanging bulbs. It ties in very much with the industrial look and adds in a fun and simple element to a kid’s room.


Wooden Bulb


Busy sourcing lights for our studio bathroom at the moment and bumped into these hanging Wooden Bulb from SUCK UK. I have always been a big fan of laser cut wood left in its raw stage – what a beautiful piece if art!

Jamie’s Italian


So my favourite chef Jamie Oliver turned 37 years old last Sunday. He is someone I admire and respect a lot due to his passion, dedication, hard work and his strive for perfectionism in no matter what he does. I had the opportunity to be invited to one of his restaurant Jamie’s Italian while I was in London in Jan and was amazed on how simple, cosy and homely the place felt like. I love the main lighting made of clear recycled glass bottles, the antique “crapper” toilets, white rectangular tiles and raw wood. The food was excellent and all served in terracotta dinnerware!

Photographs: me