ABC of Branding


What a clever poster from Orlando-based designer Jason Dean. Logos are foil stamped and embossed and amazing how he managed to keep all alphabets to fit in 5x 5 grid without them looking different in size. I waaant one!

Found here.


Grid Layout


I believe a true graphic designer is judged by their layout skills and use of typography. One of the best skill I have learned from my tech days is the grid layout which I still have the utmost respect for. The Marber Grid was developed in 1961 by Polish graphic designer, Romek Marber, for Penguin book covers. This grid layout is still admired and respected by many designers and is an true example of how a well-designed grid can stand the test of time and generation.



I am not a big fan of sport but when sports kits are designed like those above I become very interested. I love this Cycling Kit designed by Bernard – the use of typography and colour blocking are very cleverly put together! I had two opportunities to design cycling kits in the past and it is not an easy task!